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  • 15 Sep 2017
    Google has always hold the top position when it comes to providing service.It has given a lot to its users,Gmail,Google chrome,browser and map and other important applications has been introduced by it.It is really self sufficient to fulfill all the major requirements.It is really good to use the different services of Google but there are certain situations that can’t be handled easily.To get help with that,there is need to reach customer service team.   There are number of issues which has been solved by Google customer service team.Here,individual can see the solution of one:- How to merge Google contacts to iCloud? First,user need to go for “SyncGene” and complete “Sign up” It is now need to go for “Add Account” tab, tap “Google” and sign in to your Google account Tap on “Add Account”, individual should now add and log in to the iCloud account From the iCloud “Settings” on your iPhone and now you should enable Contacts synchronization Now, there is need to go for the option of “Filters” tab and select “Contacts sync” option Check the specific folders that you want to sync Tap the “Save” button and then click on “Sync all” It is now need to see that whether the problem get solved or not Want to contact on toll free number dial here google support phone number Those who are still looking for the solution of the above problem,they need to connect with customer service team.The group of certified engineers engineers with good qualification are really supportive in providing the better solution for the technical hassles.Expert will analyse the complete problem and give the best suggestions.Individual may get the assurance that they will never get disappointed in any case.It will decrease the chances of existing as well as future threats when user will contact support team for solutions.
    142 Posted by simmi gravey
  • 12 Sep 2017
    Southwest Airlines is one of the quite prominent travel companies across the world. It is committed offering you the right things at the time of booking a ticket online. With this fact, if you have booked ticket several times with the Southwest Airlines and you like to get valid discount fares, you must contact a travel agent who might guide you the right thing, what to do exactly. All you are required to do just make a call at Southwest Airlines booking phone number. This phone number is a prime a way to get the positive outcome from the travel agents and they will certainly guide you have a relevant discount to various places. If you have planned to earn discount fares to Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines then you can follow the below steps. You are required to first go to the website of Southwest Airlines and then click on the booking tab. Select the option with daily nonstop service and our legendary discount fares, Southwest makes it more convenient. Click on the sign in button and then enter the correct email address and password and then press OK button. There will the points which you are required to choose and it will be the reward to get discount fares along with the extraordinary facility while in the flight. Having done this task, if still goes something wrong and if you don’t understand the things then you can dial the number to get in touch with its travel agent who can guide you perfectly. 
    75 Posted by simmi gravey
  • 13 Dec 2017
    Google Voice search is a powerful search option given by Google which can display a complete list of information in form of links for the commands that we give to Google as per our voice. The purpose is to make search as easy as possible for the user where they can search whatever they want to just by saying it loud and not having to type the words altogether. Google voice uses the voice recognition software’s to understand the user and then displays the results. However sometimes, Google Voice search shows the error as No internet connection , for that you need to fix it. The following points will help you on how to fix the Google voice no internet connection issue:   Step1 ) First of all, from the keyboard that is connected to your computer, press the R key which will open the run box  Step 2) When the run box pops open, navigate to system properties by typing Windows\System32\SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe Step 3) Here you can click on OK and then go to "Environmental Variables". Step4) Here you need to search the API key or DEFAULT CLIENT ID associated with Google Step 5) Once you find these, just rename them to any other name and then Click on OK. Step 6) Now you must try to connect to internet again by typing in your web browser. This should fix the problem for you. In case you still get the error, you can try contacting the Google voice customer service or Google voice technical support team. You can dial the toll-free number or can write your queries in an email and send it to customer support.
    51 Posted by simmi gravey
  • 21 Sep 2017
    Microsoft – was initially known as MSN Hotmail, it is an email service run by Microsoft as a part of Window live . It is commonly used for communication at present as it is the convenient mode of communication both at the personal as well as at professional front. At times the individual has felt that Hotmail gets automatically signed in because of which the purpose of the password gets forfeited. How to stop the hotmail from automatically signing in – it can be taken care in the following way First and foremost the individual has to go to the service tab and hit on the same and then look for the option Microsoft –Account Sign –in Assistant if that is already tick in order to disable the same click on by removing the tick mark beside it Click the Apply option and then hit on Ok Restart the computer and if you want to access Hotmail in this case the individual has to sign back again ,if the individual faces any problem in caring out the steps then the individual can seek help from Hotmail customer service either by calling the representative or through the help of the forum and can also join the forum for the future reference 
    45 Posted by simmi gravey
Technology 54 views Sep 14, 2017
Follow this process and use gmail smtp settings for printer !!

If the users are wiling to use their printers with the Gmail smtp settings then the below mentined configuration steps can be followed. The steps that are provided should be processed very correctly so that the complete process is enabled.

gmail smtp settings for printer.png

Therefore, the gmail smtp settings for printer are :

  • First of all the users are required to select for any configuration option. They can choose :
  • – G suite SMTP Relay– Gmail SMTP server

    – Restricted Gmail SMTP server

  • Here the users need to select the Gmail SMTP servers and should follow these configuration:– the users need to connect with the

    – the port should be 465 with the use of SSL.

    – then log in to the Gmail account with the user name and password.

    – users should also make sure that the captcha has been entered that is displayed on the screen.

    – also make sure that the password is sceured.

Hence, by following these steps correctly, one can easily use the gmail smtp settings for printerand can continue with their printing works. These configuration steps should be followed in the correct way so as to prevent any further issue while printing the documents.

Either Contact for Support click here: