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Technology 92 views Aug 12, 2017
How To Tackle The Issues Related To Bad Looking Print On Xerox?

This problem may occur to various printer users. Your printer is working properly and still, the final printout looks terrible. Faded images, poor or low image quality makes the best-looking document very sloppy. If you are suffering from the same problem then there are some steps which you need to follow to resolve this issue. Xerox Printer Support New Zealand has given some really simple steps for better quality laser printing. If the problem is still not resolved after following the steps, then the issue is more likely to be due to the supplies or hardware. In this case, you can call our Tech Support Number: +64-48879116 They will resolve your issues in a quick time frame.

1. Check that the paper loaded in the tray matches the type of paper selected in the driver of the printer.

2. Make sure you have correct media or paper selected. You can check it on the print driver.

3. Regularly check for the imaging units, cartridges, and the user for damage.

4. In some of the laser printers, the user has an adjustment for the paper type. If the user of the printer is adjusted manually, check to see that it is properly set. You have to check it properly as the user may get very hot.

5. If the smudge marks are seen, then print several blank pages so that the signs are eventually faded.

With the help of these steps, you can solve the issues related to bad print to some extent. If the issues related to Xerox printer are big you can immediately Call Fuji Xerox  Support Number, our tech support Expert surely helps you.We offer the wide range of services to Our users for any kind of help you can Dial: +64-48879116


Resource Blog: How To Tackle The Issues Related To Bad Looking Prints On Xerox Printer 2017?